O365 “out of sight” becomes “out of service” – AramintCyber to the rescue!

Starting on Monday February 7, 2023 and continuing into Tuesday. O365 users across the US lost email service.

AramintCyber’s https://aramintcyber.com private cloud turnkey CMMC service didn’t blink an eye, and remains the vendor of-choice for US Government contractors, and legal and financial firms needing highly secure enterprise email and role-based filesharing compliant with US Government cybersecurity regulations.

What happened ?

Microsoft claimed that it was a “network configuration error.” We understand; networks are tricky things. But that’s why we have triple redundancy and immutable (unchangeable) backups that don’t relay on Microsoft or Amazon networks. Our network change control policies and procedures have been audited by the US Government for resiliency and passed with flying colors!

It’s very hard to know for sure where your data is, once it goes into a large cloud services provider.

With AramintCyber, we’re scalable enough for any sized business, but small enough to respond and anticipate potential attacks, to block them, disable them, and ensure that your customers’ data is secure and isn’t stolen or ransomed. We monitor all external connections, and limit data access based on roles and constant monitoring in coordination with the US Government for highly secure national infrastructure.